Business Expansion Made Simple

Breeze Strategy is the UK’s inward investment specialist. We work with companies looking to expand or relocate; and we advise the places that want to attract them. Put simply, we help business to locate or invest in anywhere and prevent locations from sounding like ‘Anywhere’. Our recent work has included: advising on expansions in financial […]

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Attracting The Techies

From Silicon Valley to the Thames Valley, every location wants to attract the next big thing. Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, Cisco… have all created thousands of jobs around Europe in the last twenty years. Each new disruptive technology gives birth to a new wave of startups, hungry for talent and connectivity. Digital Media, FinTech, CleanTech, NanoTech, MedTech… we are […]

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Attracting The Makers

From aerospace to automotive, offshore wind to nuclear, electric vehicles to 3D printing – advanced manufacturing is a major part of what we do. We help locations to identify the industries and sectors that are growing and work to develop their proposition to potential inward investors. We have: – developed propositions on automotive, aerospace, low carbon vehicles, […]

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Ontario, Canada

We’re currently working with the Government of Ontario and Invest in Ontario to identify ambitious European companies that are looking to expand into North America. We’ve helped dozens of firms to understand the benefits of locating in exciting cities like Toronto, Ottawa and Waterloo. Our Global Inward Investment Network partners in the UK, Canada, USA, […]

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