We help businesses to find the right locations.

And locations to attract the right businesses.

Breeze Strategy is the inward investment specialist based in Manchester, England.


Our founder Adam Breeze has helped hundreds of companies to establish new facilities around the world and has advised national government agencies and local inward investment teams for more than twenty years.

Our client list includes major corporates like BMW, Pfizer and Marks & Spencer, and foreign direct investment (FDI) teams at government agencies such as UK Department for International Trade, Invest in Ontario, North Carolina’s Piedmont Triad Partnership, Business Location Berlin, Invest in Bavaria, Business Stockholm and  local economic partnerships across UK and Canadian cities.

Our approach to inward investment and FDI is based on a blend of using new tools to research, evaluate, target and engage; along with our personal connections and networks of key decision-makers, influencers and advisors.

We work closely with other specialist inward investment and site selection experts around the world. We founded the Global Inward Investment Network that provides international contacts and experience in all major markets, giving us international reach through partners in the UK, Germany, France, United States and Canada.

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