Services for Locations

We work with locations that are looking to attract business investment and new jobs, especially foreign direct investment (FDI).

Place Marketing

Breeze Strategy works with teams on their place branding, marketing and communications. This has included the development of websites, management of social media channels, creation of presentation materials, advice on events and trade shows, provision of content and copy for marketing collateral.

Inward Investment Strategy

We pride ourselves on producing business attraction, growth and retention strategies that deliver a real and measurable improvement in results. We work with clients to craft bespoke approaches to different target markets and sectors.

Investor Targeting

We have pioneered a unique approach to lead generation based on using the very latest data analysis, social media listening and online monitoring tools through our fdiRadar service. We offer locations a bespoke service that provides a regular flow of live prospects tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. See how our fdiRadar service can help you to engage with more leads.

Team Training

We deliver bespoke workshops and training modules to some of the world’s most successful inward investment teams. See how we can make a real difference to your effectiveness with our team training, workshops and away-days.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you to attract more investment, companies and jobs to your area.

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