Place Marketing

In a crowded market full of hype and noise, people crave the truth.

Our content creation service delivers fresh and authentic narratives for places. This contrasts with the testosterone-fuelled ‘We’re the biggest, most, fastest this or that’ in the country. Simply having a lot of something doesn’t make you desirable. Attractive locations are not afraid of authenticity.

We’ve highlighted the pitfalls of ‘Invest in Anywhere’ for many years, with too many locations presenting themselves in a bland, vanilla wrapper. Investment attraction and place promotion should bring out the unique personality and character of your town, city, region or country.

Adam Breeze has been at the forefront of using new digital channels since he created the world’s first inward investment portal in 2000. We were early pioneers in using social media for place promotion and engagement of existing and potential investors, providing clients with bespoke content and training.

A regular blogger on LinkedIn, Adam can add global reach to your messages and seed content into the right intermediary networks.

We work with teams to deliver digital content and collateral from websites and social media to presentation material.

We have provided advice on the structure, design, content and copy for inward investment websites including:

Invest Liverpool

Locate Jersey

Invest Aberdeen

Speak to Adam about how we can help you to find your authentic voice and avoid the ‘Invest in Anywhere’ syndrome.

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