Investment Attraction


We work with locations that are looking to attract business investment and new jobs, especially foreign direct investment (FDI).

We help locations avoid the ‘Invest in Anywhere’ syndrome, the condition that results in millions of pounds of wasted marketing every year. We passionately believe that no two places are the same and that each location has its own particular solutions for attracting foreign direct investment.

Our clients have included investment promotion agencies across the world:

  • Invest in Ontario, Canada
  • Department for International Trade, UK
  • Waterloo Region, Canada
  • MIDAS, Manchester, England
  • Invest in Bavaria, Germany
  • Business Birmingham, England
  • Invest Liverpool, England
  • Invest in Nottingham, England
  • Invest in Bristol & Bath, England
  • Aberdeen City Council, Scotland

Inward Investment Strategy and Plans

We pride ourselves on producing business attraction, growth and retention strategies that deliver a real and measurable improvement in results.

Now more than ever, place marketing has to be about return on investment. Understanding your target audiences and being able to demonstrate that your marketing is delivering real value and tangible success is central to our work.

Lead Generation, Market Representation and Investor Targeting

If you could simply buy a list of ‘hot leads’ off the shelf, why wouldn’t you? That’d be nice, but attracting investment is not that easy. We have a unique approach to lead generation based on using the very latest data analysis, social media listening and online monitoring tools through our fdiRadar service. We offer locations a bespoke service that provides a regular flow of live prospects tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.

See how our fdiRadar service can help you to engage with more leads.

We also do:

– team training, workshops and away-days

– place marketing and branding support

– market,  sector and company research

– agency benchmarking and evaluations

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